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We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to a prince

We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection

I’ve actually got my eye on someone already - luna


Ai to Chiteki no seeraa fuku bishoujo senshi, Seeraamaakyurii! Mizu de mo kabutte, hanseishinasai! 

"oh, I called you ami-chan.
you can call me usagi!”

can you please tag flashing gifs as epilepsy warning? they could cause seizures in tumblr users who have epilepsy

Yup, no problem! So, is it “epilepsy warning” tag or there are others that are being used as well?

noooo i think I must have accidentally deleted angergirl’s ask


Well in response- what DON’T I ship in PGSM? Rei/Minako is definitely tops (GOD, they were ridic. Remember the scene where Minako sang a love song and it cut to Rei god), followed by Ami/Usagi- Ami’s thirst for Usagi was so real, poor desperately crushing baby, and you know Usagi would have been down.

Those are my main ones, though there were so nice Ami/Mako and Rei/Mako moments, and everyone seemed to crush on Minako. The great thing about PGSM is all the relationships between the girls were developed so well, so you can ship it ALL.

♫ gotta ship it all Sailor Moon ♫